Mindfulness in the Workplace

How can we thrive in any moment?

Bring the science of mindfulness to the workplace.

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Mindfully enhancing performance, wellbeing and joy at work.

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Stress & Resilience

In these current volatile, uncertain and rapidly changing times, learning to be resilient can provide you with an edge that not only helps you survive through the challenges you face, but come out stronger. 

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Mindfulness & Performance

The ability to choose where we place our attention and how long we can sustain it is a highly sought after and valuable mental skill. 

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Mindful Leadership

How to connect and communicate effectively is a cornerstone of good leadership, healthy relationships, and long-term life satisfaction.  

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Executive Coaching 

Learn to assess and develop your physical, mental and emotional potential. Ideal for one-on-one coaching or teams.

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What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness refers to awareness that is oriented towards the present moment, and applies an open and non-judgmental quality to experience which allows us to eliminate doubt, fear, and pressure to be more effective and happier.  Contact us to learn more about how mindfulness can be trained. 

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The Facts

Optimal performance and productivity rely on our ability to manage stress, think clearly, and invest in our wellbeing.

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Increased Focus & Productivity

Over 90% of participants from a publicly traded company reported a boost in productivity and focus after partaking in a 6-week mindfulness training course with Dr. Ellen Choi. All participants agreed that the training could be applied to their work and that their well-being was enhanced as a result of the knowledge and skills they acquired.


The cost of "Presenteesism"

A recent study on over 2000 employees in 17 countries estimates that 57.5 days per year are lost due to presenteeism, when you show up at work in body but not in mind. The cost of absenteeism alone in Canada is approximately 17 billion/year. Presenteeism is said to be ten times the cost of absenteeism suggesting that the true cost of presenteeism may be a staggering 170 billion/year.


Stress is affecting performance & wellbeing

73% of North Americans regularly experience psychological symptoms of stress every day. Burnout, or mental and emotional exhaustion from work, is one of the leading causes of employee turnover.  With stress levels increasing year over year, equipping employees with stress management skills is a worthwhile investment for individual and organizational health.

Free Guided meditations by dr.ellen choi

Learn to Meditate.

Conceptually understanding what mindfulness is but not practicing mindfulness is like understanding what surfing is but never learning to swim.  Meditation is a mental training technique that cultivates mindfulness, a quality of awareness that is present-moment oriented and non-judgmental. 

If you would like to explore some guided practices to start or support your practice, please do. 

It's not about perfect, but it is about practice.


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