programs | stress & resilience

How to sustain excellence and manage stress in a 24/7 work (and life).

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Own Your Response
How we choose to respond in any situation is our choice. Learn skills that support optimally managing yourself and others. 


In these current volatile, uncertain and rapidly changing times, learning to be resilient can provide you with an edge that not only helps you survive through the challenges you face, but come out stronger.

This program covers:

  • Stress management tactics
  • Rest & recovery practices
  • Tools for managing anxiety and rumination
  • Healthy habits to support wellbeing
  • Understanding the negativity bias
  • Positive psychology’s latest on happiness

In this program we take a deep dive into identifying the sources of stress in your life and coping mechanisms that address each cause.  It explores the impact stress has on your performance, physiology, cognitive capacity, and overall wellbeing and provides techniques that enhance your ability to recognize stress in yourself and in others so that you can better manage your response in challenging times.   

We cannot always change the circumstances we find ourselves in but we can train our mind to adapt and lead us toward an optimal response.